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Why Cardinal George Alanchery defended Italian People?

It is long history that Catholic Church in India is actually a slave of Roman Church and they think Syro-malabarians are meant for slavish activity if the Pope adn Italian Roman curia. So this menality of slave is very well known to White people, so they rely more on the snaskritisation process of the Syro Malabarians, who consider any recognition from the Roman curia is like a goft frm heaven. So the Itlians thorouly bluffed the cardinal and he was so foolish t justify the killings of the fishermen in Indian water. Cardinal may no gove any comfort and money to them, but he will utilise these opertunity to show that he is soebody here on Kerala. Because I have personal experiecne with him when he was in the catholic think tank, who perpetuatd clear political opinions and effort to make political parties. The catholic think tank consist of selected bishops, priest and prominnent lay people, who nurture the idea that if they have a vote bank of 10000 people in every legislative constitueny of the Kerala, they can influence the decisiosn of the giverenement and can create decision in favour of them. But this mentality of minorities are based on the Hindu coomunity's inaction and thinking of politics. The Hindus never change their attitude as the minoritiies do. So the political parties takes them for granted and impliment thsoe decision which favour the minorities. Whenever congress comes to power the major protfolios will be handled by Christians and Muslims and they make decsion in theri favour. This kind of politics and idea that christians can influence the givernment made the cardianl to make such statement. That even though you make murder if you have religious backgroun then you don't worry about the crime that you comit. This kind of similar case have beeen found in thCharly's case wher K.P. Yohannan's group employed an advocate form the supreme court to appear on behalf on him. All thes eshows the paupersim of congress and its politicla will to ttelll religious people to mind their business at the time of election. The religious people knows that they are minorities and canpt win the election without the help of other communities. But they boast like a frog, which think that it is the highest creature in the world.
Religion and Politics
Many religious leaders say that politicians should not interfere in the affairs of religion. According to them the religion is the sole property of them and nobody should interfere in their affairs. If anybody want to interfere they have to undergo rigorous training and become priest and leader of that association. In this case the ordinary believer doesn’t have any say in the matters of religion, which is a public issue and concern. But all religious people can voice their politician opinion on the basis of their citizenship and complaint to the civil authority to settle the religious disputes also. So it is clear that religious leaders have clear politics and exact involvement in the affairs of politics and they even publish the pastoral letters to that effect. But the ordinary citizen and civil member of the society don’t have any say in the affairs of the religion. My simple doubt is that who made this religion as the affairs of the selected few people? Be it Muslim, Christian or Hindu, who made them more religious and advocates of the simple faith that God exists. If everybody believes in the God then all those who believe in that existence of God -be it Allah, Christ or Brahman, all have equal right to express their opinion in the matters of the religion. Therefore let not the leaders of so called religion think that they are the sole authority in the matters of religion. If they are human and can express opinion regarding Godly matters, everybody has the right to make the opinion. So let not the religious people get worry that politician or simple faithful is making the opinion regarding the matters of the religion. The other people express their opinion since there is an issue. So let us concentrate on the issue rather than person who makes the statement. I f the contentious issue is not amicable solved or answered these kinds of criticism and questions will come up later also.
The religious leaders are really worried about the controversy and controversy bring down the flow of faithful to those controversial areas. As a result the money collection is reduced, which result in the comfort and financial muscle power of the religion. The money which is collected by any firm- be it religious or secular- has to be taxed. Actually I am not in favour of the tax because it is public looting in the name of government, which doesn’t do any good to people instead it persecute the people in the name of government. The bureaucracy doesn’t do any good to people instead it just sit over the genuine issues of the people and harass them maximum. So the money collected to give salary to bureaucracy has to be reduced then only the real democracy will prevail. The public welfare activities can be funded as long as it serves the public in a well manner. Otherwise it can be eradicated and modified into new service depending on the situation.
The matter of interference of religion with politics and vice versa has to be promoted in order to maintain a good spirit of justice and morality in the society. The leaders of the both association need not be worried about the opinion of others. Let us focus on the issue and correct that issues as possible as we can. The clear faith and justice will prevail in the society.
by Shibu K.P.
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marriage at your will and freedom from Religion

Marriage at your will and freedom from Religion
It is time for human being to set free himself from the clutches of religion and not from the faith in God. Freedom from Religion is a freedom derived from the right to human dignity, which is protected by the basic law on human dignity and freedom. If you want to set free from the control of religion and get marry at your will. There is a way to this in this modern society and we have done this in our lives. So I am writing this experience of us for your reading and future actions.
I was a catholic priest and left the Catholic Church and priesthood on March 25, 2010. I decided to get marry in my life after one year. So I gave matrimonial advertisement in the Malayala Manorama News paper that I was a catholic priest and prefer to have register marriage. To my surprise I received 50 proposals and I selected 10 proposals that suits my category and visited them to have a personal meeting and interview with them. I explained to every girl that I don’t want dowry but I prefer a working partner in my life. To my surprise there was strong resistance form the girl’s side that many are not ready to work after the marriage. They consider the work as a method to enter in marriage relationship. After that they are not interested in working to gain their own food and meet their expenses. They think that husband should look after them after the marriage.
At last I found a person who is ready to think differently and prefer to be my working partner in life. I didn’t have second thought and I gave my consent to that person. Now I am writing this blog along with that person. We fixed our marriage and decided to get marry through the Sub-registrar office of Kerala government. Thus we got married on August 27, 2011 in the presence of our parents and they signed as the witness to our marriage. After that we went to the St. George Catholic Church, Angamaly to have the tying of thali (Mangal sutra), which is the symbolic sign that a girl is married to a person. We prayed in front of the Alter of that Church and got the thali from the father of bridegroom and tied the thali on the neck of bride. After that we received the wedding ring from the mother of the bride and exchanged the ring to each other. All these functions were done in the presence of the family members and no priest was present in that ceremony. We decided not to call any priest to this ceremony even though they were amply present outside the church in their presbytery and corridor of the presbytery. Thus we proved that we can marry even without the consent of the Church authorities but with the consent of our parents. Actually there is no high priest other than our own parents who brought us up to this level. If so why should we call other alien priest to our most important ceremony of life. And this alien priest will perform the ceremony according to his whims and fancies without any commitment to the actions he performs in front of others. So set aside them and give priestly function to our own parents in our marriage. After all according to the Christian and Catholic belief all believers are priests only. And we have full right to perform these ceremonies in accordance to the Holy Book of Christians –BIBLE. After these ceremonies we went to Surya Hotel for marriage reception and grand party followed over there. In this way we have set a new trend for future generation to follow in their life to experience full freedom as human being by avoiding the clutches of religion and religious people in our personal life.
The civil registered marriage has more advantage and validity than the religiously solemnised marriage in the presence of priest. But we need God and faith in Him, which we can keep it in our life by praying to him either in the Church or in a convenient place. We needn’t invite a priest for this function which we can do by ourselves. After all the priests are performing these function in order to get the money and status among the people. The fear psychosis of people that the priest is needed to perform these function in right manner make things worse and they take advantage of this fear psychosis of the general public. So arise and stand in your own leg and set aside the fear to march ahead with your freedom and dignity as a human person. It gives you a peace of mind and freedom from unnecessary persecution of a religion in the name of marriage and related expenses. After the Church ceremony we went to bridegroom’s house to enter in the house with the blessing of parents. Then we had our mathuram or exchange of sweets in order to mark the new beginning of our life with sweetness. After this programme we went to the Hotel for the marriage reception. We had invited many people from our relatives and friends for this function and we had grant dinner at the hotel with all its pomp and style. We began this function of registering of our marriage at 10.30 A.M. and finished all the activities within 2.30 p.m. All the best for your new way of life and May God Bless Us All. I am uploading the pictures of these ceremonies in my facebook and orkut named K.P. Shibu and shibukalam respectively. Please visit it for your further confirmation and courage to set a new trend in your locality.
Thanking you all.
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Bureaucratic hegemony and Commission for women

I write this blog to create awareness about the bureaucratic hegemony. Today 20/02/2012 there was news in the Surya TV that Ambika Amma, the secretary of Commission for the women, does the action in accordance with her likeness and dislikeness. This allegation was made none other than her superior person, Justice Sridevi. Sridevi made this allegation in public through surya TV and in reaction to these allegation of egoistic and non-accountable action of secretary, there was no reaction from her. Instead she resorted to the government laws which doesn’t allow her to reveal things in the public as government secretary. If such law exist for the bureaucracy for not explaining the allegation against them, such laws should be amended with immediate effect. In this level the minister Mr. M.K.Muneer has lot to do along with his colleagues in the government and legislature. We are living in the 21st century and not in the British colonial rule. During British time they had lot of things to cover up in India, So they made laws that protect their bureaucrats and supporters. Now we are a republic nation with our laws and people. If there is such laws still exist where by the bureaucrats can’t reveal their position with regard to the allegation made regarding their inaction and egoistic attitude, it is high time to change it and make the bureaucrat accountable to the public and answerable to allegation. Whom does Amika Amma think about her? Who is she? She is just servant of the public and she is not doing the duty vested on her by the simple faith of the public. Then she is not eligible to continue that position. So the concerned minister M.K. Muneer has to take action against her and remove her from that position and give a message to bureaucracy that if they don’t do their duty then they will be thrown out of the job. It is the public money that they receive as salary and other amenities. If the concerned minister along with colleagues in the government and legislature make necessary action and amend the law that deny the public at least an explanation against allegation, the reaction of the public will be very damaging. The bureaucrat will face the anger of the public and it will be determined to her life even. Here after let the bureaucracy realise that they will be asked to pay for the inaction and non-performance in the their office. I make this warning to the minister and you will be responsible for the law and order problem created by these kinds of bureaucracy in the public. Therefore it is high time to give a message to the bureaucracy that they have to do their duty and be accountable to the public. If you don’t give that message we are ready to give that message, which will be determined to her life even. Therefore you better THINK AND ACT OTHERWISE BE PREPARED TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCE. We want a transparent government which takes action against erring bureaucrats and govern us well in better way compared to last years. Otherwise there is no meaning that you continue as the representative of the general public. The politics will be different here after. YOU BEHAVE OR ELSE FACE THE COSEQUENCE.