Monday, February 28, 2011

MES Indian School, Doha, Qatar and Its activities from the eyes of Teacher.

Dear Readers,

I was a teacher in senior section of MES Indian School for social Science and I would say that the MES Indian School is the worse School; I have ever worked in my career as teacher for 16 years. Why there is this tragedy in the MES Indian School? It is because the Management and the Principal are not interested in improving the learning environment of the School. This school doesn’t have any modern facilities of imparting individual attention to the students; instead it employs the olden method of common education with bench and desk. This system creates lot of indiscipline in the class, where by the teachers and students struggles to maintain the learning environment in the class. The teachers resort to cruel method of imposing discipline and manage to teach some and the sheer luck and individual effort of the students makes the result shining. In the words of Principal himself given to Press release “Besides, hard work, encouragement from teacher and parents alike, self motivation were behind their sterling performance in last year’s Board Exam. Common thread that connects these high achievers is that they ardently believe in systematic study and a good understanding of the subjects.” This shows the child is capable of attaining high result, if he is given admission in good school and right environment. It is not the school or the teachers that makes the result shining, but the sheer efforts of the students to learn nicely. So the parents shouldn’t spoil the future of your child by getting admission in MES Indian School. There was a talk among the teachers that the good students are deserting the MES Indian School and near future it will be an abode of all rough and undisciplined students especially Muslims who are interested in something else other than education and learning. If you check the toppers list in recent years of MES Indian School, you can understand that the list includes more non-Muslims students in it. This clearly tells the message to you that MES is shining well due to non-Muslims students and it comes from the nature of students. The parents of non-Muslim students are more educated and their children excel well in studies. If so why should you give your good child along with undisciplined and morally depleted Children of Muslims?

The students who started their studies in India and came to MES Indian School in their 6th or 7th standard tell us a different story. They were very good students in their home country and were excelling in their studies with their good friends over there. And when they came to MES Indian School, they became the worse and it shows the influence of peer groups in that school. Even if the teachers, who like to correct this system, take action, they will be sidetracked by the unqualified management teachers over there. And the management will be sending out the teacher who has tried to correct that system. Because these students will be having connections with management and they will complain about the teacher and say that it is the mistake of the teacher. He/She is inefficient to maintain the discipline and impart education effectively in the classroom. Actually in every class there will be five to ten students who are undisciplined and they will be influencing all other students of that class and make the class a mess. Therefore the future of MES Indian School is so pathetic and parents of good Children irrespective of their religion needs to think about it seriously and find good School for their children. Otherwise the future of your child will be at stake. As one child shared his pathetic experience with me, I would say that in future the parents will be the one of most disliked human beings in their life and they will not hesitate to desert you or kill you even for destroying their future. There are good Schools in Qatar in comparison with MES Indian School, so you can find admission in these schools and give better education to your ward. Earlier is the better. And I shared this important information with you because I want good education to prevail and good students to come up in the Society. We cannot make good mangoes by keeping it with decayed one; instead we will be making good mangoes by placing it with good ones. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL?

Shibu K.P.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

MES Indian School's Education is a MESS. So BEWARE of It

Dear Parents,

It is my obligation to write about my observation over there in MES Indian School regarding the education imparted over there. The academic inspector Mr.Shamsudhin invited me for a talk and asked me whether you have come here to correct this school? I answered ‘yes’. Then he vehemently stated that we don’t want any correction and we will be like this for ever. It was a statement from one of the representative of the management. I don’t know his qualification and I haven’t heard him as a teacher in my whole career. But he claims to be an academic inspector. That is the tragedy of MES Indian school, unqualified and business mentality people mange the affairs at the top level. They think education is meant for business and imparting a mess up education is their mission.

So the parents have to be cautious in getting admission in this school. The MES Indian School is the worst school I have ever worked in my whole career as a teacher. That is why when they gave me termination on flimsy reason of writing a blog and complaining about the human right violation, I readily accepted it and came out. Because I don’t want to be part of a wrong system and impart mess up education to future children. Education is my profession and I will impart it to right person to build up a better tomorrow. This is my oath as a teacher. But the students those who study over there in MES Indian School, will become most undisciplined and notorious criminals in their lives. The good child will become bad and the worse due to MES Indian School. That is the experience I got from there as class teacher and teacher in various standards. So my own colleagues resigned and came to Kerala to impart good education to their children and not to be part of that wrong system. As long as this school remains in the hands of present management, it is not going to come out from its present slumber and undisciplined manner. Because they were notorious children in their childhood and went to gulf with their notorious attitude and gained money from their business. So they consider the education as a realm to be notorious and amalgamate wealth by imparting the same education they learned in their childhood.

So the hidden agenda is clear in their mind. As they had experienced and learned mess up education in their childhood, they will give same education now-a-days and spoil other generations also. So that others won’t grow higher than them. Therefore the parents have to be very cautious in getting admission in these institutions for their children. It is certain that your ward will be spoiled. And they will be getting one-sided education due to single sex education, which will have severe impact in their personality development and interactions in the society. This will create lot of impact in their development and progress as human being in this modern world. The education is the only means to improve your present condition and get along in this modern world. If your ward has not learned the correct education in their childhood, they are not going to learn it in their future. And at the end they will turn against you in your old age, because they have not learned anything good in their childhood. Instead they have learned disrespect, disobedience and undisciplined with a mentality of fighting with their colleagues. So they continue the same thing in their life. As you learn you will behave. If you have learned right thing you will show that and if you learn the wrong thing you will certainly depict that in your life.

Therefore it is my humble advice that don’t gets an admission for your child in this school and try to get an admission in some other good school. You may be forced to spend more but that is a good investment for the future. Please don’t give the mess up education to your child. You spoil your child and next generation and future of a person and a Nation. THINK before you ACT. If you are intending to get admission in MES Indian School THINK hundred times before you ACT. Because MES Indian School is not going to change for its better with the present management and it will be a MESS for EVER, which will meet its natural extinction in near future. They won’t give either good education or co-education, which will correct your child in his development. Instead they will give mess up education and buy more money from your pocket for other amenities they pretend to provide over there. Thus you will lose your money and get a spoiled child at the end. You are free to have your own conclusions and decisions. But I stated the fact, which I observed and experienced over there. If you are intelligent you will take the right decision otherwise you will show what you are. All the best.

Shibu K.P.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Violation of Human Right and Hoisitng of Sports event which culminated in the Termination of Job of Author

Dear Readers,
I have published a blog on 8th February,2011 regarding the Basic Human Right Violation and Compulsory Participation in the ASIAN CUP, Doha, Qatar as viewers. After Publishing this article and writing to various government and international agencies regarding the Human right violation masterminded by the Qatar Givernement to show their viewership to fool the Intereantional media and FIFA regarding the World Cup, the Gvernment inflenced my School to dismiss me from the job as teacher of MES Indian School. Accordingly I was given a short notice in the morning and forced exist in the afternoon itself inorder to hush up this issue being taken with Labour court and other Human Right Oraganisation in Qatar. And I am writing this blog from India, my home country. This shows that governemnt could influence the school mangement under the pretention of sponsorship law, where by the school itself have to stop functioning over there. This clearly indicate the influnece of Sponsorship laws of Qatar and Middle East, which is a draconian sword over the head of every employee and authors of various articles, which point out the expoitation of humans in this modrn world. The persons who point out the vioaltion of human right are sent out from that country. And they ensure the slavery of everyhuman over there . Thus the Arabs and persons support the slavery of Arabs continue to shine over there and enusre the slavery of others over there.
Therefore the international agency such as FIFA should reconsider its decsion of awarding the world CUP 2022 to Qatar as the hoisitng Country. The person who support the sport should raise their voice and influence the interenational agencies and other organisation to reconsider the decision of FIFA. If the Qataries can do this to a person who point out the basic human right violation of viewers in order to ensure the number of participants in the events, they will contiue to do the same to other persons in future. As the minerals deplete and Middle East money become a devalued one and food matterials cost high, the Qataries will bring more draconian laws to ensure the particiaption of viewers in the events of future. So the free citizens of future world should raise their voice against this modern slavery inflicted upon the humans beings only on the basis of money and basic need of human to have a job to meet his matterial needs. The free world, where humans express their views freely and work with full heart in order to build up a world of better humans, should be the aim of next generation. For this the present generation has to work and write against the injustice inlficted upon the humans in the name of sports and international events. And it has to be made mandatory over the International agencies that these events of Sports and other games should be given to the country, which support freedom and abolish slavery of any form. The sports and other events shouldn't be an event of compulsion and a method to perpetuate the slavery.
The world should raise their voice and force the Qatar to abolish the sponsorship law, where by they control every aspect of an expatriate in their country. The organisation which takes inhuman and anti-human right means to appease the authorities should be penalised and brought under the scrutiny. If they continue this same method of persecution, they should be stopped functioning over there. Becasue the educational institutions gives a wrong message to the students of future generation that the students once become the captians of industry can continue to expolit others and violate the human rights of others. This kind of mentality will bring agitation in the minds of workers and one day they will react vehemently, which will culmiate in utter distruction of law and order. They may not even hesitate to murder the murderers of basic human rights. so my humble request before the world of free minds are this
1. Force the Qatar to uphold the freedom of individual and freedom of expression, where by the a nation of free citizen will come up.
2. Ensure the abolishion of sposorship laws of Qatar and Middle East to ensure the freedom of worker to do any job as he likes and thus he won't be sent out from a country for the expoitation he has pointed out or written about.
3. The monarchial government, which amalgamate wealth by utilising the minerals of Nation, which belongs to people, should shed their power and people should be made the ultimate authority to decide their future and events.
4. The FIFA should cancel the events if the QATAR doesn't bring desired changes in their country and give the events to other Nations which support the freedom.
5. Forward this to ALJazeera, the Channel regidtered in QATAR and evaluate their response to the freedom of expression, which they demand in other countries and show to other world the irregularities and slavery of other nationals.
6. The Insitutions that violate the human rights in future should be stopped functioning and we shouldn't allow those agenices to give education in anypart of the world. Because it will bring slavish mentality and cruel reactions in the mind of studetns and the future nations have to spend a lot of money for controlling these fellows due to false educataion given to them.
Hope the readers will rise up from their slumber and bring changes in the world as desired by free human beings. We are not born to slavery but born to live with freedom and let freedom alone determine the life of a human. This will bring peace and tranqulity and progress in the Nations. I wish to hear the reactions and your suggestions to this blog.
Shibu K.P.
Qualification: B.A. (Economics), M.A. (Sociology), SET (Sociology), B.Ed., M.Ed. (Education).
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Basic Human Rights Violation and Compulsory Participation in ASIAN CUP at DOHA, QATAR.

Respected Sir,

We, the MES Indian School Teachers and students, are forced to participate in the Asian Cup as slaves to fill the stadium in the name of ASIAN CUP hoisted by the QATAR. The MES Indian School 2000 students and 150 staff are forced to watch in the Khalifa non roof top stadium for three times such as Group A match between China and Qatar on 12-01-11, the semi-final between Australia and Uzbekistan on 25-01-11, and the final between Australia and Japan on 29-01-11. It is a fact that Qatar does not have the viewers from their own nationalities in ASIAN CUP Foot ball match. They hoist this event in order to pretend among other nations that they are developed and sports loving Nation. But the fact is that the government and organising committee force the business group and companies to purchase the ticket of foot ball match and statistically prove in front of the International agencies that the ticket are sold out. This is viewed by agencies as the enthusiasm of the QATARIES to participate in the match. But the reality is that those companies won’t have required staff and persons to view the match and stadium remains empty. Then these organising committees approach the schools and other institutions to send their students to view the match. They print ticket like corporate child and distribute the ticket freely at school and even escort their buses to stadium in order to fill the empty seats over there. The tragedy and slavery begins from this decision of the committee to distribute the ticket to school children. The school authorities, who are always ready to please the government authorities in order to get favours in the governmental inspection of fire and safety and other lawful requirements, take up this request with keen interest and force every child and staff to participate in the match. The staff and students, who have reached in the school at 6.45 A.M. is compulsorily asked by the management and Principal to stay at school till 11.00 p.m. for participating in the match.

The regular school timings in Qatar starts at 6.45 a.m. and ends at 1.30 p.m. and staff and students return to their homes after the school hours. But when there is foot ball match the staff and students are not taken home at 1.30. p.m. because it will cause expenses to school for flying the vehicles. So these students and staff are forced to stay at school till 6.00 p.m. and then they are taken by the school buses to stadium under the police escort. Thus they reach in the stadium without their lunch, tea and necessary latrine and bathroom needs. Then these sections of the people are force to sit in the Khalifa stadium where there is no roof top in the bare plastic chairs without necessary warm clothes in this severe winter season till the match get finished. Usually the foot ball match of ASIAN CUP starts at 7.15 p.m. and ends at 9.30 p.m. after the match the teachers have to ensure that every student has returned to the same buses in which they have arrived. This process itself will take one hour, because 2000 students and 150 staff are participating in this event. So there will be 50 buses in that area and it is difficult for the student to identify the exact buses in that busy area where all other vehicles came to stadium have parked. After ensuring the number of students and teachers manually count the students, the buses move back to school at 10.30 p.m. under the police escort. These buses reach in the school by 11.00 p.m. After that the staff and student have to return to their homes, which will take another one hour in the busy traffic due to these events. So actually the students and staff reaches at their residence only by 12.00 p.m. Then some have to cook food and all have to take bath and have supper before we go to sleep at 1.00 p.m. and report to school on the next day at 6.45 a.m. for regular classes. In order to reach at school at 6.45 a.m. each of us have to get up at 4.00 a.m. to have our morning bathroom, bath and cooking and travel. So we get only a sleep and rest of three hours at night due to this compulsory participation of staff and students of MES Indian School, AbuHamour, Doha, Qatar.

Therefore we have simple suggestions towards all agencies that control these events and conduct matches.

1. Don’t invite the School students and staff in order to participate in these matches as viewers.

2. Please don’t allot these kinds of international matches to countries, where its own citizens don’t like to watch the matches.

3. Ensure that the hoisting countries follow the international law of justice and adhere to the principles of Liberty, equality and fraternity.

4. The government persons, especially the second in command of Qatar, request the Indian and other nationalities school to report to these events as viewers. But they won’t approach their own government and independent schools, where the children of Qataris study, to send the students and staff to watch the match.

5. It shows the Muslim nations of Middle East consider other nationalities as their slaves and ensure the enslavement of these persons through sponsorship laws. Therefore the democratic and modern free nations should not send their citizens to Middle East Countries unless and until they abolish the sponsorship laws for foreign Nationalities.

6. The International Matches like ASIAN CUP, WORLD CUP Foot ball Matches shouldn’t be given to these nations who ensure the enslavement of citizens of other nationalities through draconian shariat laws and sponsorship laws. Why should a labourer pay to another person out of his hard earned money to stay and work in Middle East? Why can’t the Muslims of Middle East Nations work and earn their livelihood rather than earn their livelihood through sponsorship laws and high rent?

I hope the international media and agencies and Democratic Nations will consider these suggestions and make necessary corrections in their policies to send their citizens to other nations or hoist certain matches in other nations. The sports are vents that liberate the minds of persons and bring unity among the citizens of different Nations. And these events shouldn’t be hoisted in those countries where enslavement and compulsory attendance is forced upon the foreign nationals. Expecting a reply and favourable actions and unity in bringing basic human right of a person to watch any event, I remain.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Shibu K.P.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kerala Train Rape Incident and Its Future dimensions

The girlwho was the victim of train rape incident which happened on Wednesday (2-02-11) died today morning at Thrissur (Trichur) medical college, The girl named Soumya (22) from Manjakkadu Shornur was working in a super market at Cochin and the incident happened when she was returning to home on Wednesday night. When she was only person in the ladies compartment, Govindaswamy (30) who try to steal her bag and when she resisted he pushed her out of the train which caused her a severe head injury and then the convict dragged the lady to some distance and raped her. After an hour of searching when found her she was seriously injured and admitted to Trissur medical college hospital, Doctors tried their best to save her life but she died today (Sunday) morning.

This incident should be an eye opening to the Keralaites regarding the safety of an Individual. Any human being is a societal human being and when you shrink that reality into your gender, you have to face the problem of safety and discrimination. So it has to be mandatory for every human being to travel in group rather than individually. There is ladies compartment in the train and it is constituted to avoid the harassment of the men in rush hours and it is not meant for lone journey. So the women travelers have to learn to travel in group. It is commonsense that if there is no other person in a compartment, the traveler has to disembark that compartment and join with other persons in other compartment.

Secondally the man was trying to rape this girl in the train itself. According to police, the man had attacked the girl in the deserted women’s compartment as the train was nearing its destination. She had tried to free herself from his grip and come to the doorway. However, the man pushed her out and also followed her as the train was slowing down. This shows that this handicapped man was eying for sex with a women in his life. The basic desire of a man to have sex doesn't have any window in the traditional atmosphere of the Kerala. So the Kerala should have a street for commercial sex workers to run legal brothel in the vicinity of Kerala. This will reduce the incidents of this kind in the train. Because the Bombay and Pune and other metropolitan cities have these kinds of streets and womens are travelling in these cities freely even in the late night. So it is high time for the Keralaites to think in this line and increase the social security rather pretending the duplicity and bogus status.

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Indian Money Belongs to India

According to the data provided by the Swiss bank, India has more black money than rest of the world combined. India topping the list with almost $1500 Billion black money in swiss banks, followed by Russia $470 Billion, UK $390 Billion, Ukraine $100 Billion and China with $96 Billion. Therefore the Indian money belongs to India. Actually it is the money of an ordinary citizen amalgamated by the traders and bureaucrats in collaboration with Politicians. SO this money has to be brought back to India and Swiss bank should be made responsible for handing over this money to India. It is not the legal money of account holder. He/She deposited this money by evading the tax and collecting the money from India through bribery and illegal trade etc.. Actually it is the money of Indians which was taken away by the Swiss Bank by encouraging Indians to do fraud and deposit it in their Bank. This is modern looting by an European country by encouraging Indians to collect the money by any means and deposit it in their bank for their business. So the Swiss bank do not have any moral standard to keep that money with them. The encouragement given to the money launderers by a Bank itself shows the unethical means of nation and its fraudulent means of attaining money of other Nation by means of looting and depositing in the Swiss Bank.
Therefore the Indian Government should not hesitate to ask the the Swiss Bank to transfer all the money to Indian Bank and bring the account holders under scrutiny and law. If the swiss Bank doesn't obey the order of India, it should not hesitate to attack that Country and bring the money back to India. A Nation has to progress with its money. And if foreign nations and nationalities like to invest in a country for any business or development, they are encouraged to do so with legally taxed money. The swiss Bank should not become a safe heaven for fraud people and criminals. The Christian ethics and European pagan ethics don't encourage the stealing and support to people those who commit fraud.
So it is my strong opinion that the swiss Bank should transfer this money to any Government Bank of India as early as possible. Other wise India should wage war against them and teach them a lesson. Let it be a lesson to all Nations that engage in fraud and illegal business.