Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Global recession and Recovery from it

Dear Readers,
The G-20 summit is going on in Seoul, South Korea, for finding solution for the global recession and making the currency stable and strong by by finding common arena of valuing the currency of each country. My suggestion to overcome the recession is the price control. The modern world is ruled by the industrialists and trading persons. This has to be changed and the real producer has to get the value depending upon the value of his product. The present industrialists are engaged in the profit making enterprises and never think of serving the community with their product. They artificially increase the value of their product and sell it for more prices than its actual cost of production. So any commodity has to be valued on the basis of their cost of production and not on the basis of the profit making enterprises. In order to regulate the urge of human being to make more money, the government has to intervene and make laws to regulate the prices of the commodity. Because any industry uses the raw material available in the Nature, which is equally deserved for other humans as well. Therefore every humans have equally access to these resources of Nature. It is not the sole property of the entrepreneur alone. He acquires his wealth by becoming an enterpriser and not by becoming the owner of the factory. The entrepreneur will get a salary depend upon his performance and work. This has to be the income for him and not the profit. The profit made by the company belongs to the public and it is the rightful share of the workers and they have the sole authority in determining the utilization of that fund.
If such situation of price control comes into effect, then the escalation of the prices according to the greediness of the entrepreneur will come to an end. In order to control the prices the government has to publish the prices of each commodity daily in the news paper and it remains the same for one week. During this time the village level officers will check the shops with in their jurisdiction to report any kind of irregularities. After one week the government may review the prices on the basis of the recommendation of the expert committees in each field. This will bring the recession down and the consumer will buy things more since it is cheaper. So the money is in the hands of industrialists now and ask them to pay back or to reduce the pricee of commodities and sell goods at the actual prices which include the cost of production and nominal profit.

Publication of the Book for the Change of system and Institutions

Dear Readers,
It is very difficult to change an exisiting system eventhough it is rotten to its core. Because people consider that exisitng system is more comfortable than the system going to come.Otherwise people are not ready to correct thei age old traditions and customs eventhough there are wrong and not updated. This is very much true with regard to the religon. The God has not established any Religion instead the human being have established Religion in order to conduct a business with people in the name of their faith and religious practices. These practices are charged by the priests of every Religion in order to maintain their life. This system of trading the faith of faithful has to be eradicated among the people. For this the people has to realize that God is loving and have more concern towards you rather than the human being. So an ordinary human being doesn't require any intermediary between that person and God. The human has to learn this new method of living in this world. So dear readers think and act and have good relatioship with the almighty.

Corporeal Punishment in the Teaching-Learning Process

Dear Readers,
It is a haunting question for me for long years that whether the corporeal punishement can be allowed in descipline the learner. If corporeal punishment is withdrawn from discipline the child, then what will be the alternative method of discipline. If there is no alternative method of discipline then why should we renounce the well developed and effective methodology of corporeal punishment. It shows there is a strong dislike to this method by the parents and children. Then the natural question emerges in the mind of a teacher, who is there to dicipline the child and teach him new things. How can we teach the new things in a noisy atmosphere, where children have more interest in play rather than study. And the teacher and learner know that the teaching-learning process is not a joyful experience. Then where is the relevance of the Bruner's famous slogan that learning is a joyful expereince. It is a common scene to see a small kid reluctantly entering the school gate carrying a heavy school bag, sometime heavier than the child. They are under increasing physiccal, metnal and emotional pressure to come up to the expectations of parents, teachers and perr groups. Studies are rather becoming like a race, where children have to run like horses.
A school is a place where a child spends his most valuable and enjoyable 5-6 hours. A child loves going to school and considers it a joyful learning experience. But today, this schooling is becoming a headache and a burden for children whether small or big, making it a torturing experience. If this is the situation in every school how can we say that learning is a joyful experience. I can say form my own experience of 28 years of study that learning is a painful and difficult work I have ever taken up in my life. It involves by hearting, understanding, research, experimentation, peer tutoring, long hours of sitting and dosing while study and great concentration. And I have not done these activities in my life with joy but with difficulty and pain. If so Why should we mislead others by stating that learning is a joyful exerience. If anyone say a foolish statement, we need not support that statement irrespective of that fact. So let us have the courage to say that learning is difficult and it is a painful activity. If it is the case then, we need discipline in our life to master new knowledge and imbibe the new learning. Then the teacher has to be allowed to use some corporeal punishement to discipline the Child. Otherwise the child will not come forward for the study and mastering the new areas of knowledge. So my suggestion is to change the laws passed by the countries to abolish corporeal punishement from the school. And allow the teacher to discipline them and impart new education to them. It is this process of imparting education only will ensure the progress of the nation through an educated society.
If the nation is not willing to repeal the law of corporeal punishment then the progress of the Nation will be affected by the callous attitude of the teachers and noisy behaviour of the children in the calss room. The children won't be able to keep silence and engage in learning by mere advice and scolding. Sometime the fear of the teacher will force the children to learn new things. This fear can be created only through the corporeal punishement. It is a bad notion that love the teacher enable the students to have new learning.Nowdays the love towards the teacher is misused by the children to engage in mischievous affars and avoid the punishment. It is stated that the no nation can think beyond the level of a teacher. So trust teachers and entrust your children to teachers to teach them new ways of living in this modern society. For obeying the teacher nad maintating the discipline of the class the coporeal punishement is required. So teachers and professionals unite together to air your voice and bring back the trust of the people back into your hands. Tell the world about your experience in the class and enable the politicians to repeal the draconian law that copporeal punishment is not allowed in the Country . If the teacher is not entitled to use the corporeal punishemnt, then it will be like asking the police to maintain law and order without any arm and only through advice. So readers think whether it is possible to maintain the discipline with out corporeal punishment. Your views are invited.


Qatar Shobuldn't be allowed to participate in the Bid for 2022 World Cup

Dear Readers,
It is my high opinion that Qatar shouldn't be allowed to participate in the World cup bid of 2022. Because it propagates the modern slavery under the name of sponsorship of workers and allow its citizens to gain lot of money under this draconian law. It is unfair that a worker has to pay sponsorship fee to a citizen of this country. The worker comes here to earn his livelihood out of the sweat of his/her forehead. If so, the Qatar doesn't have the right to accumulate wealth in the name of a foreign worker. We have to realize the fact that 90% of Qatar's population is migrant workers and the citizens of Qatar simply sit at home and earn money out the hard earned money of the foreign worker through sponsorship. The modern democratic world should not encourage this country, which thrive on the money from the slavery. So the modern educated and democratic world should insist that Qatar has to renounce this draconian law in order to participate in the World cup bid of 2022 in this December. The sporting event shouldn't come to a country which encourages the slavery. Why they insist on the sponsorship law, which states that the employee has to get the permission from the sponsor to work in this country and leave this country. It is because of their fear that their own act of violence in the form of modern slavery and support to terrorist group by giving financial aid and communication support through its national media may turn into their own destruction. The sponsorship law shows the inefficiency of its police and other departments in dealing with the persons of law violators. It also shows the lack of faith in other human beings . who were brought here in the name of work and other related field. Actually the Qataries are taking up the slaves form other moderns democratic countries and insisting upon the foreign nationals a system of slavery. This has to be stopped by the world community. No nation has the right to exploit the citizens of other Nations under any law. If a person has come her to work, he is free to work her as long as he obeys the universal justifiable laws of the country and he/she is also free to leave this country, if he finds that the present jobs doesn't suit his life and qualification. So let the sporting event may be given to the Nations, which supports the freedom and free trade in the modern global economy. Apart from that the Qatar insist that all the trade can be started here under WLL (With Limited Liability) system, where by the Qatar nationalities will get half of the profit made by the owner and manager of the business. This is unfair system of trade and clear injustice done to the persons, who engage in business. So the lovers of freedom and democracy unite together air your views regarding this law of Qatar. And force them to change the law before the bid take place in DECEMBER,2010.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Co-Education and Social Acceptance

Dear Readers,
The co-education is the key stone of education of a human being as a social person. We, the human beings, exist here on Earth as male and female. There is no other possibility for us to continue to exist here on Earth with out the co-operation of these two sexes. But the dichotomy is that humans perceived things on the basis of status and sex of female gender. The humans give more importance to female gender under the pretension that their life is taken care of by the male section of the society. The society never sees that this is a trap played by the wealthy section of the society to utilize the female genders for their pleasure and not to allow other lower section of the humans in terms of money to come in contact with the female gender of their category. In order to perpetuate this ideology and maintain their status this section of the society perpetuate boys only or girls only schools in the countries of their own. And they give collaborative evidence to show that girls only school performs much better than the co-educated school. But the parents of these girls only and boys only schools never realize that their child failed to integrate their personality and live in collaboration with opposite sex with respect and mutual understanding. The result is that their life becomes unimodal with out any adjustment and understanding how the opposite sex react and think about the realities of life. The end result is that their life become unadjustable and necessarily end up in divorce in marriage and egoistic in social life. This may give good pasturing field to the wealthy and needy in terms of sex and counselling and consolation.
So my suggestion is that the parents should teach their children only in the co-educated schools only. As a social science teacher of boys only school in the Qatar, I have the strong opinion that the children learn the social life in a better way in co-educated schools. And more importantly they learn the discipline of their life and mature behavior in co-educated schools only. It is not the grade that determine the worth of a human being instead it is the social utility and mature behaviour based on mutual respect to opposite sex contribute to the progress of the Nation and society. The boys and girls will have lot of prejudices which is not based on the reality and these prejudices will destroy the smooth life of the family and societal life. So never give up your age old societal life and encourage the insecure nuclear life, which suits well to the wealthy and rich in the society. Therefore friends unite together and lead a societal life based on dignity and mutual respect to each other and our race will progress to its richness in times to come. So encourage the co-education and discourage the the single sex education which is based on status, prejudices and more importance to sex of the human being, which has its deep roots in the religious notion as sin of Christianity. The normal human being is above these things and live a life of dignified human being here on Earth.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Releasing of second edition of the Book ORU VAITHIKANTE HRIDAYAMITHA, (Heart of A Priest)

Dear Readers,
The second edition of my book ORU VAITHIKANTE HRIDAYAMITHA (Malayalam) is ready to go for the printing and it comes with more revelation and aftermath stories of releasing the controversail book. It is written fully in Malayalam and editied perfectly by the professional editor. I am searching for a publisher to publish this great work of me. If you can help me in this effort I wll be happy to co-operate with you. I earnestly look forward to hear from you regarding the publiction of the book and making this superb matterial available to all eagerly waiting readers.
Thanking you